The Work And Play Garden Shed

Garden ShedI was very surprised to learn that garden sheds make awesome play houses? I know my grandchildren love to play in structures that resemble a house and a garden shed fits the bill.

These types of sheds also make a wonderful unit for organizing all your garden equipment and tools. I have even read that some people actually use their shed as an elegant greenhouse for displaying their beautiful plants and bushes.

So you can see there are several uses for this type of shed including an area for family games and a child play area for lots of fun.

These buildings are being built for many more usages than just for gardening!

With the larger selection of materials today you can build a garden shed out of traditional wood, steel, and vinyl. The advantage of both steel and vinyl is they are very strong and durable.

In addition to storage many gardeners now use their shed for use as a greenhouse. Greenhouses are usually made out of lumber to protect plants and bushes from inclement weather and extreme changes in temperatures. Most roofs for these structures would include glass to let natural sunlight in. Some greenhouses today are built using lightweight aluminum materials and glazed panels. Glazed panels are lighter in weight that glass panels and they offer safety features and provide very good thermal conductivity. This makes it great for showcasing plants and shrubs during the cold months of winter.

As mentioned above these types of sheds also make wonderful play houses. The best material for these types of sheds is a vinyl or plastic type of material. These materials are easy to keep clean and allows children hours of time outside the house to use their imagination and creativity. You can even make these units blend with your current home decor and the landscape in your yard.

The larger garden sheds can make a great place for family members to gather for recreation, playing video games, ping pong, sing karaoke, and even play a little pool. Making the shed a recreation area does require wiring it for lighting, heating, and cooling. You want your family members and friends to be comfortable when spending time in the shed or game room.

As described above there are many different uses for what is known as a garden shed other than storage and gardening. There are many different shed plans and materials available for building the garden shed of your dreams. With a little creativity you can also customize it to further benefit your personal needs.

Visit our site for information on garden sheds and shed plans.

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